Mail, Courier & Parcel Services

Mail, Courier & Parcel Services

Aeroparcel is the first and largest Afghan mail, courier and parcel services. Aeroparcel® is committed to modernize the mail, courier and parcel services in Afghanistan. Within four years of operations Aeroparcel® plans to be the market share- leader of mail, courier and parcel services of Afghanistan and the region. Aeroparcel® offers highly competitive products, services and customer experience, and we are committed to continuously improving these offering for all our mail, courier and parcel customers. With the customer at the center of everything we do, we are working hard to ensure that Aeroparcel® services are safe, express and affordable. The main business of Aeroparcel® are mail services, courier services and parcel services within and outside Afghanistan.  ​


Safe delivery is reliable delivery. It gives you peace of mind when sending confidential documents or important time-critical goods with Aeroparcel. Our employees and a dedicated fleet will take care for the secure and in-time delivery to your required destination. The entire journey can be tracked real-time, giving you confidence and total reassurance of the exact location of your package during transit. 


Express delivery means fast delivery. It means you can trust our shipping services to meet your deadline.  This is valid for a light envelope with your important documents to heavyweight freight. And if you need it even faster, we will work with you to create a tailormade solution. We at Aeroparcel assure you of the fastest services within and outside Afghanistan.


Affordable delivery is "value for money"-delivery. With a wide range of products and services available you can chose the right one for you, which satisfies your needs and which will not break your budget. Whether for personal or business use, Aeroparcel will guarantee best market prices for our services. Compare delivery services in Afghanistan before you make your decision.  We at Aeroparcel assure you of affordable courier delivery services with excellent customer services at any time.