Core Drillers, Inc (CDI) is an Afghanistan registered sole shareholder company engaged in ofessional exploration, mining, processing and trading of minerals in Afghanistan. It is a subsidiary of Investone Corps, Inc. CDI is headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan and has oversea active coordinating offices located in United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Turkey.  

We are committed to grow as a professional, innovative, safe, environmentally responsible and profitable mining company for the long and sustainable benefit of shareholder, government and people.

CDI has brought together a high-quality professional team of geologists, engineers, policy makers and environmental and social experts to undertake a wide range of studies for developing mineral projects and ensure they are developed and operated to best global mining standards. 



Core Drillers, Inc. is committed to conducting broad research and geoscientific exploration projects on the majority of industrial minerals as well as gemstones.


Core Drillers believes in professional mining as we employ best mining practices for industrial minerals, gemstone and large scale mining by means of modern state of art technologies to maximize mining capacity and product outcome.


Processing is one of the core objectives of the Core Drillers; With our initial investment on talc processing plant, we provide Talc processing services to our clients through which we have been able to bridge the gap between mining and processing opportunities.