Transcorp Lines

Transcorp Lines



Transcorp Lines (TL) is a subsidiary company of Investone Corps INC, registered as separate legal entity, specialized in public transportation services. According to strategic framework, the company will  focus on partnership opportunities for  support and investment in order to support in design, construction and operation management of the transportation systems, modernize and better facilitation for Afghan urban residents by comfort transportation system. TL as a growing company is operating in Kabul and through partner companies in Dubai and Turkey. TL is partnered with reputed transportation companies in the region with efforts of opening growth window in the sector.

Vision: Transportation prosperity and securing environment sustainability of Afghanistan.

To provide reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly and satisfying transportation system to both users and government that contributes to the economic growth, transparency in the sector, quality of life and environmental sustainability of Afghanistan







Innovating sustainable transportation solutions that facilitate comfort for Afghan travelers, transporting merchandize and improve accountability in the sector


Focusing on transport sector for:

  • Enhancing accountability and transparency 
  • Improve level of comfort and economic vitality
  • Focus on implementation


integrity, creativity, cooperation, Gender Equity and Qaulity Services.