Online & Offline Retail Services

Online & Offline Retail Services

ARYAZONE, INC is  both an e-commerce portal and offline business setup with the slogan to save money and safe time, and the idea behind establishment of AZ is to change the conventional markets into a more convenient, flexible, affordable, reliable and interactive online and offline marketplace, thus, the company focused on all the areas of online and offline retail businesses which encompasses  groceries, health and beauty, electronics , home & living, fashion,  property dealing, assets sales and purchase, and sporting goods; in addition, it is planned to connect millions of people not only in Afghanistan but in central Asia, Middle East, South Asia and other countries of the region with visionary approach to serve better and make AZ one of the bests ecommerce portal in Asia.

In addition, to increase its reliability and outreach, the AZ opens modern shopping centers/marts as an offline business in different parts of Kabul city with perspectives to expand the scope of business by establishing new marts and departmental stores in all other major cities of Afghanistan, and to enhance its regional compatibility, the AZ will also open physical existing marts in other regional countries with aims to tap the growing Afghan and Asian markets.




The AZ has the following two types of Businesses:

  • Online Business (
  • Official /Offline Business (Physically existing marts)


AZ is a web startup with physical existing marts with huge resources and align all its strategies in mind the following visions:

  • To make e-commerce available all over Afghanistan and Asia
  • To be the largest and best e-commerce portal in Asia
  • To have a strong offline business outreach as a mart chains in country and abroad.


Our mission is to create the largest and best online and offline marketplace of Afghanistan where people can do all their business dealings and to taps the unattended needs of the people who do not find traditional trading convenient due to many unavoidable reasons. Our foremost mission is to provide convenience to the customers followed by best value for money backed by quality and satisfaction.