Agri Business

Agri Business

Agroindust, Inc. (AI) is an active company in the field of Agriculture and Livestock value chains and consulting company founded by INVESTONE Corps, Inc. and is one of the main investor in the field of Agriculture (Fresh and Dry fruits and Vegetables collection, cleaning, sorting, processing and marketing to the national and global market, Cotton and sugar beet value chain), Livestock (Dairy, Poultry, Fish and Red meat value chains  etc.) and Fast Food.

The company aims to get involved in the food processing industry. The primary desire is to establish small industries to produce necessitate food stuff like macaroni, spaghetti, pasta, biscuits. This is based on the company Research& Development and continuous market analysis.

Currently, AI has been awarded a contract for 12 fruits & vegetables processing centers In five provinces from Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock (MAIL). The initial duration of the contract is for five years where upon completion the parties can extend the duration for longer periods. In addition, AI is planning to establish a central processing center for secondary processing of fresh and dry fruits, vegetables, bean, Mung bean, rice and pea. AI will produce the agriculture and livestock by products on international standard and will mainly supply to the national and international market like India, UAE and middle Asian countries like Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia and Azerbaijan etc



Considering the perishable nature of horticulture produce we directed our investments to establish small and large scale processing facilities of fresh fruits, dry fruits & nuts, juices, jams  and  vegetables across the country to avoid post harvest loss to producers and adding value to the produce. 


Agroindust has in place a well established UHT dairy processing facility in the region where most of the milk is produced. Our investment main objective is to provide healthy and high quality dairy products processed and packaged with international standards of hygiene. 


In addition to investments in agribusiness Agroindust has dedicated agrinusiness and management consultancy unit. At which we provide turnkey solutions to our clients in the agribusiness industry through our in house national and international experts.