Investone Corps Inc. Consulting is a recently established division of ICI group and aims to be a key player in business & development consulting and advisory field, focused on SME’s, large enterprises, government, and non-government organizations. ICI consulting aims to offer consulting and advisory services in the areas of its core business focus in order to pave the path of success for the clients by bringing a paradigm shift in their operations. Since the company over the years has gained profound knowledge of various industries in a setting like Afghanistan we offer holistic services in all areas of our expertise through our national and international experts and associates. 

Investone Corps Inc. Consulting is built on the premise that collaboration among individuals of diverse backgrounds is the key to finding sustainable solutions. Our experts of diverse backgrounds offer the best wide range of services that meet the needs of the clients by bringing forth ideas and knowledge from around the world to come up with solutions that are value for money and yet innovative. Our wide range of services covers all aspects of the following domains:

          Project/Program Management and Implementation.

          Business Development & Management.

          Research, Trainings & Capacity Building Programs.


ICI- Consulting in multiple areas adapts it services to the requirements of the clients, aiming at more efficient collaboration and service provision by combining infrastructure, human resources and integrated processes in order to complete each work undertaken. We believe that the services a client will receive at ICI-Consulting are unparalleled and competitive.

Dedication to client

Specialized personnel in various areas of expertise.

The possibility of operating in international and multinational environments through our international offices and infrastructures.

Flexibility in the mode of delivery

Adaptability to the operation processes of the client.

Dedicated to lead by examples and ensures the quality of services provided by integrating quality system certified by ISO-9001, and implement undertaken projects with modern administration tools and processes.